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Auto Bytes – November 2020

The Indian automobile industry is in a constant state of evolution and COVID-19 pandemic has brought tech-enabled and personal mobility solutions into the limelight. The automobile industry presents significant untapped potential for innovative business models towards mobility solutions. One of the most significant trends that the globe is about to witness is the appreciable growth of the mobility-on-demand market.

Considering the current recession, the subscription model is likely to be preferred option than ride-hailing due to safety concerns. The demand may tend to rise for e-scooters and e-bikes, with increased awareness of emission less transportation and induced government initiatives to propel the e-mobility market.

Following a mobility-as-a-service logic, the integration of demand responsive transport solutions with other modes of transportation or mobility services, such as trip planners would make it possible to facilitate safer travel for all. Contrarily, electric vehicle development may remain on track due to government support, while connectivity services may receive a fillip from demand dynamics.

While all these business models really eliminate most reasons to own a private vehicle, the real challenge for the industry is yet to come. With autonomous driving, more than just the ownership of vehicles, the time spent in them would entirely change. This edition of Auto Bytes deep dives into India’s new mobility market and its changing landscape of service-led solutions.

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