The road to safety

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The road network in India spans over 5.89 million kms and has improved connectivity, even in the most remote areas of the country. At present, the road network is responsible for transporting 64.5% of goods within the country, making it vital for our economic health. With more than 90% of India’s total passenger traffic using roads to commute, road safety must be treated with the highest importance. However, with India constituting about 11% of global deaths in road accidents, it can be discerned that efforts towards ensuring road safety could be improved on all fronts: education, enforcement, engineering (of roads and infrastructure) and emergency care of accident victims.

The road safety ecosystem can benefit from proactive engagement by all stakeholders, investments in technology and collaboration with the private sector. This will help in implementing positive changes at the grassroots level, and enabling a pragmatic approach towards reducing road accident fatalities in India.

Saket Mehra
Partner and Auto Sector Leader,
Grant Thornton Bharat