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Sustainable NextGen Automotive Technologies – Imperative India

Life in the Automotive World has gone full circle with concepts like Electric Vehicles (EV) and shared mobility coming back into favour and becoming a critical part of global discourse.

Announcements like ‘an all-Electric future in Norway effective 2025’, an ‘all-electric car production in India effective 2030’ and ‘China leading the way by already producing EVs representing 8 per cent of its overall passenger vehicle market’, among others, have been covered regularly by the global media.

In the backdrop of such developments, the question that comes to mind is: Whether this change is for real given the myriad challenges related to the tectonic shift to shared mobility and connected and autonomous cars.

The truth is: This shift is the result of a sustainability imperative triggered by challenges in rapid urbanisation, an ever-changing regulatory environment, multiple technological breakthroughs in battery technology, smartphone, GPS, digital technology, and most importantly, the looming threat of climate change.

Our knowledge paper, Sustainable NextGen Automotive Technologies – Imperative India serves as a quick primer on the key imperatives driving this change, overall market context as well as technology and regulatory imperatives for the future.