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Strategic response to invasive and migratory pests – the emerging global pandemic

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Invasive and migratory pests cause enormous and often irreversible damage to biodiversity around the world by displacing native and useful species and changing ecosystems. This report carries in-depth research and empirical data on the economic impact, prevention and policy framing on strategic response to invasive and migratory pests.

Key highlights

  • Migratory Invasive and destructive pest and weed species threaten the eco system leading to lost production and huge mitigation costs.
  • India already experienced ten major attacks on crops by related locusts, moths and worms.
  • Limitations in quarantine, and plant and weed import restrictions.
  • Stringent entry-port monitoring and quarantine facilities, pest management through chemicals, biological controls, sterile insects, global intelligence systems, perhaps use of typically banned pesticides, and apt exclusive policy required.
  • A Stewardship Council or Task Force to be constituted involving all stakeholders.