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Rebuilding investors' confidence through governance

India Inc. has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times. However, successive financial crises have heightened political interest to intervene and mandate responses to public concerns. As a result, corporate India’s attention has evolved from simple ‘management’ to ‘governance’ and now ‘effective governance’.

The introduction of Those Charged With Governance (TCWG) with Key Audit Matters (KAM), the ICAI guidance note on internal financial controls framework, periodic amendments in the Companies Act, and convergence of Ind AS with IFRS along with the governance principles and recommendations of the Kotak Committee are the beginning of increased focus on measurement of satisfactory governance to repose investors’ confidence.

In our latest report Rebuilding investors’ confidence through effective governance, we dissect some of the critical aspects impacting investors’ confidence in India and comprehensively cover the regulatory directives towards enhancement of long-term shareholder value.