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India meets Britain tracker 2022

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The India meets Britain Tracker 2022 shows that 37 Indian companies in the UK have revenue growth of at least 10%, earning combined revenues of £1.6 billion and delivering an average annual growth rate of 38%. Of these, 35% are in technology and telecoms, 27% are in pharmaceuticals and chemicals, and for the first time, real estate companies feature among the fastest-growing Indian businesses in the UK. More of the fastest-growing companies are located outside London (20 companies) than in London (17 companies), with the North being the most popular region. The UK and India have continued to develop their trading relationship, including the Enhanced Trade Partnership and negotiations for a free trade agreement, which is expected to conclude by the end of 2022.

The India Meets Britain tracker 2022 highlights the growing trade and investment relationship between the two countries, including the launch of negotiations on a free trade agreement and the opening of several new visa routes for Indian students, highly skilled workers, and entrepreneurs. In addition, there is a report on the performance of Indian companies in the UK, which includes insights on the fastest-growing companies, the most popular sectors and locations, and the continued investment by Indian businesses in the UK.