GST Compliance Booklet – June 2023

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The journey with Goods and Services Tax (GST) that India Inc. embarked on six years back is finally turning into a successful tax regime. Since it was a new tax regime, taxpayers and tax authorities had to face various challenges in the implementation and compliance with the provisions of the GST laws. However, with the coordinated efforts of lawmakers, executives, judiciary, and the industry at large, it can be seen that GST has begun to settle.

In order to support the taxpayers and the industry at large, Grant Thornton Bharat has published this booklet as a ready reckoner and a guide to help understand different compliance requirements under the GST laws. The booklet is updated till May 2023.

Key highlights of the publication:

  • GST compliances explained in concise and an easy-to-understand language
  • Repercussions of non-compliance (such as penalties, late fee)
  • A brief of the litigation procedures (such as appellate authorities and courts)