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Electric Vehicles: Is the Indian automobile sector ready?

Imagine India of 2030 with an all-electric car fleet. While government support and technological advancements can fast-track the country’s automobile industry’s journey towards that goal, there are still many challenges to be dealt with.

For example, how one can make electric vehicles (EV) achieve high mileage and how to handle the recharging of batteries efficiently? Technological advancements over the last decade are transforming the perception of passenger vehicles. Talking of EVs, leading players have built sleek vehicles that can travel close to 250 km in one charge. Significant developments in lithium batteries are taking care of safety aspects as well. Graphene-based batteries/super capacitors can provide much higher power and energy density when compared to lithium batteries. There’s more to come.

Focused on the auto sector, this thought leadership paper discusses the opportunity, challenges and the industry scenario at a time when India is working towards building an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2030. Read this report for more insights.