Development Positive: Volume III

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The infrastructure sector is the cornerstone of the nation. Amongst one of the most resilient sectors, it plays a pivotal role in accelerating India’s overall development, thereby driving its economic growth.

Increased government spending on more extensive scale projects offers strength to India’s competitiveness across the globe. The Indian infrastructure sector has always shown remarkable growth, even during a challenging time like the COVID-19 pandemic. The speedy recovery and the resumption of infrastructure and construction activity during the unlock phase of the lockdown was a clear indicator of the potential it holds.

The interventions by Grant Thornton Bharat in recent times aim at providing advisory services to governments to enhance the available infrastructure and bridge the resource gap. To deliver results which are measurable, impactful and sustainable, we believe that strong collaboration among stakeholders is imperative.

Below is a snapshot of some of our success stories:

Catalysing India’s economic development through road networks

  • Achieved key milestones with National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) for over a decade
  • Completed more than 50 projects through 30 assignments with a value exceeding INR 30,000 crore

Creating an ecosystem for sustainable transportation

  • Developed framework to guarantee a more efficient, effective and inclusive urban transport ecosystem
  • Created innovative strategies and technologies for integration of all functional aspects of the project

Helping Kenya travel better with improved highways

  • Advised the public-private partnership (PPP) unit of the Government of Kenya for the proposed Nairobi–Nakuru–Mau summit highway project
  • Developed a recovery toll tariff along with a toll escalation formula for each category of vehicles
  • Developed a contingent liability framework to address project uncertainties and unsystematic risks

Quenching the thirst of  15 million people in Haryana

  • Provided advisory and project management support that drove the pace of the project
  • Designed and implemented mechanisms for various central/state programmes and bid process management
  • Reengineered critical activities to strengthen policies for effective implementation of installing functional household tap connections in rural households

The realisation of Grant Thornton Bharat’s vision for urban India needs concerted efforts spanning many aspects and sectors, including upgradation of local capabilities and capacities. Grant Thornton Bharat offers services across a broad gamut of domains ranging from housing, water, sanitation, transportation and technology infrastructure to policy advisory, project implementation support and thereafter, monitoring and evaluation. Our services to the government sector have always been outcome-based and hence, we have enabled far reaching benefits to our clients and the sector. With perhaps the highest number of financially closed transactions, the largest PPP transaction, one-of-its-kind project advisory and successful large project management units in several states in the country, we are creating a vibrant Bharat.