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Boards of the future - Steering organisations to thrive

Boards of companies have greater responsibility in the rapidly evolving business environment. External and internal factors including technological advancements, regulation, demographic changes and globalisation are forcing organisations to ensure they are fit for purpose and able to compete in their target markets.

Our latest report Boards of the future: steering organisations to thrive, uncovers burning priorities for boards and shareholders worldwide that require urgent attention, in order to ensure diversity of composition and boosting digital expertise.

This report has been drawn from the insights from our international business report, and various interviews from Grant Thornton teams around the world. It explores what skills the Boards of 2025 will require, and what action needs to be taken to eventually get there.

India Inc has identified four areas on which Board should increase focus over the next ten years to support businesses growth prospects:

  • Strategy
  • Sustainability
  • Digital economy expertise
  • Identification and Prevention of frauds

Hence, organisations must embrace these upcoming changes and set the wheels in motion on corporate governance.