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BillionFit: Technology redesigning healthcare

Our report, BillionFit: Technology redesigning healthcare, navigates through key trends in disruptive technologies in healthcare, with a focus on India. This paper captures India’s Healthcare and Fitness scenario from a technology perspective, while providing some insight into the recent developments globally.

The paper discusses the following:

  • Onset: Health revolution: This section narrates how the concept of health and fitness has changed over the years along with a noteworthy increase in the level of people engagement in the health ecosystem
  • Fitness At Home: This section focusses on some of the interesting latest trends in fitness that can help a person stay fit while he/she is at home
  • Fitness on the move: This section lists key trends in the area of fitness
  • Emerging Hospital Technologies: This section lists how technology is bringing  the three game-changers of health care - convenience, access and pricing – into action
  • The paper also briefly touches upon key trends in the use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare and the importance of cybersecurity in the field

Read full report for more insights. We hope you find the report informative and useful.