Past Event: Tuesday, November 30, 2021

With globalisation bridging opportunities, especially for the developed and the richer, there has been increased focus on border diversification, alternative investments, offshore transaction compliances, etc. For Indians, or NRIs looking to invest across borders, along with tax regulations, there are several additional considerations related to FEMA and LRS to keep in mind.  

TiE Singapore, in collaboration with Grant Thornton Bharat and LCR Capital Partners, is organising a webinar on Discussion on Tax Implications of Cross Border Investments on 30 November 2021 to discuss intricate aspects of foreign tax planning for seamless investments, tax implications for Indians and other considerations for NRIs - all w.r.t to US markets.  

Key discussion points:

  • FEMA and LRS considerations for Indian residents when investing overseas
  • Understanding US Taxes from a foreign point of view
  • US tax reporting requirement for foreign investors