Past Event: Saturday, June 29, 2024

Indian companies are increasingly embracing Lean Six Sigma methodologies to enhance operational efficiency. However, despite its advantages, organisations commonly encounter challenges during implementation, including resistance to change, lack of expertise, and initial investment costs.

Grant Thornton Bharat is bringing together a panel of experts to discuss how Lean Six Sigma drives operational excellence and innovation. Join us to understand how your organisation can seamlessly implement Lean Six Sigma. 

Key discussion points: 

  1. What is Lean Six Sigma?
  2. Success Stories of Lean Six Sigma implementation
  3. How Lean Six Sigma training can enhance skills and career prospects
  4. The growing importance of Lean Six Sigma certification



Captain Vinay Singh
Retired Indian Navy
Captain Vinay Singh

MD and Chief Mentor Sambhav Kadam Foundation

Nitesh Jain
Grant Thornton Bharat
Nitesh Jain

Partner – Business Excellence