Past Event: Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Every M&A deal is unique and involves complex structuring of share acquisition, share swap, business/asset acquisitions, mergers and demergers. It is imperative for stakeholders to understand various mechanisms of deal structuring to make the process more tax efficient and free from any roadblocks at the negotiation stage.

At Grant Thornton Bharat, we realise the importance of keeping organisations and stakeholders updated on latest developments which may impact transactions. We are hosting a series of six interactive webinars, dedicated to various aspects of a business life cycle, covering the inception, growth and exit stage. Join us as we share practical insights on the various facets of M&A transactions, acquisitions under IBC, deal structuring and more.

After engaging sessions on Corporate Restructuring & Pre-IPO planning and reorganisation, we are hosting the third webinar in the series on M&A Deal structuring - Key structuring aspects and challenges on Wednesday, 25 May.

Key discussion points:

  Inorganic Growth – Key Drivers, Methods and Key Considerations
  Acquisition structuring of entities with tax losses
  Acquisition structuring to enhance deal value for tax amortisation benefits
  Structuring for non-profit entities
  Mechanism for consideration – Non cash and Deferred
  Deal documentation

The event will be engaging, with a live Q&A session. All sessions are complimentary so register now and share with colleagues who would be interested in the subject. Series Calendar:

Topic Month
Corporate Restructuring – Group structure rationalisation and business streamlining January 2022
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Pre-IPO planning and reorganisation – Key tax and regulatory considerations March 2022
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M&A Deal structuring - Key structuring aspects and challenges Wednesday, 25 May 2022 | 3 pm – 4 pm
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Acquisitions under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code July 2022
Overseas expansion – Key facets of outbound structuring September 2022
Incubation and expansion of business in India – Key considerations for Start-ups and inbound investments November 2022


Chartered Accountant
Amit K
Chartered Accountant


Director – Transaction Tax
Surabhi Singhal
Director – Transaction Tax

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