Past Event: Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The proposed Federal Corporate Tax in UAE is a key development in international tax arena which shall impact businesses in UAE and international groups having presence in UAE. In this context, Grant Thornton Bharat is organising a webinar on ‘Introduction of Federal Corporate Tax in the UAE’
on 27 April 2022.

Experts from Grant Thornton Bharat and Grant Thornton UAE will share key insights on what UAE businesses should decipher from this announcement, with a focus on the impact the said announcement would have on Indian enterprises and groups having presence in UAE. Join the webinar and gain insights on how your businesses in the UAE and India can take steps now to prepare for the new Tax world in the UAE.


Ajay Kumar (Moderator)
Chartered Accountant
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Anuj R Kapoor
Partner and Head International - Tax
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Grant Thornton UAE

Sridhar R
Partner, Tax

Grant Thornton Bharat

Manish Khurana
Chartered Accountant
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Oluwaseyi Abimola
Manager Transfer pricing
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Grant Thornton UAE