Past Event: Thursday, October 19, 2023

The Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Act gives citizens more control over their data, requiring explicit consent for data processing. This law is crucial in bolstering cyber legal frameworks and safeguarding digital privacy rights. It will impact Global Inhouse Centres (GICs) operating in India, imposing new requirements for collecting, using, and storing personal data.

In this context, Grant Thornton Bharat is organising a webinar to discuss the impact of the new DPDP Act on GICs. Our experts will also discuss how the Act would impact data transfer mechanisms, examination of existing processes and policies on data collection, retention of their large employee database, and ensuring data localisation if Indian customers' data is being processed.

Key discussion points

  • DPDP Act overview
  • Impact on business sectors and data touchpoints
  • Extraterritorial impact on global inhouse centres
  • Roadmap for implementation


Niti Paul
Niti Paul

Regional DPO, Asia Pacific

Jaspreet Singh (moderator)
Grant Thornton Bharat
Jaspreet Singh (moderator)

GCC Leader and Partner