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Related-party deals tie firms in knots

21 Apr 2014

The concern now is that for businesses operating through multiple entity structure and that need to enter into frequent material transactions with each other, the control of the entities effectively may transfer from majority to minority, says Yogesh Sharma, partner, Grant Thornton India LLP, an assurance, tax and advisory firm.

Digital Evolution – Meeting challenges of a new paradigm

16 Apr 2014

The author of this article is Girish Menon, Director, Advisory at Grant Thornton India LLP, an assurance, tax and advisory firm.

Minority shareholders can block special resolutions

14 Apr 2014

Yogesh Sharma, partner (Assurance) Grant Thornton India, says “Under the previous Companies Act, minority share holders’ approval or consent was not necessary for entering Into related party transactions. ”

Auditor rotation must for select unlisted public, private companies

01 Apr 2014

The threshold levels prescribed in the auditor rotation rules are “practical”, said Yogesh Sharma Partner, Assurance at Grant Thornton India LLP.

Govt makes rotation of auditors mandatory

01 Apr 2014

“This implies that for situations where an individual auditor, or the audit firm, are due to complete the maximum term In office of five years and 10 years, respectively, (they) will have to (be) rotated out at the end of the 3-year transitional period starting from 1 April,” Yogesh Sharma, partner, assurance at Grant Thornton India LIP, said In an emailed statement.

New Rules for Auditors Issued by Govt

01 Apr 2014

“A significant change from the draft rules is that final rules define a more practical threshold for identifying the class of companies,” said Yogesh Sharma, partner, Assurance at Grant Thornton India LLP.

Dynastic Politics: Do family members have a clear advantage?

30 Mar 2014

There is no clear right or wrong in whether succession for a role is more appropriate from within a family or from outside the family. This is true for any role and in any kind of field — business, social service, sports, or for that matter, politics.

Grant Thornton named ‘Best managed international firm’

24 Mar 2014

The Managing Partners’ Forum, a professional body that celebrates the value of leadership and management excellence, named Grant Thornton ‘Best managed international firm.’ Judged by an independent panel of subject matter experts, the award recognises the strength of Grant Thornton’s global strategy and leadership, which has enabled Grant Thornton to lead the major global accounting networks in revenue growth the last two years.

Support for quotas grows as proportion of women in senior business roles stagnates

07 Mar 2014

On the eve of International Women’s Day, new research from the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) shows that despite an upsurge of debates and measures to promote gender equity in the workplace, the representation of Indian women in senior positions remains a cause of concern. The survey finds a growing support for regulation to get women onto boards and facilitate their careers paths.

Business leaders welcome increased focus on transfer pricing clarity

28 Feb 2014

New research from the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) reveals that business leaders are much more comfortable with levels of cross-border tax planning guidance compared with 12 months ago. Providing greater certainty around transfer pricing was high on the agenda at Davos and remains a key issue for the G20, but the good news for businesses is a number of exercises are underway to establish greater clarity and transparency.