Grant Thornton is an international network of separate and independent member firms established in more than 147 countries worldwide. Global Delivery works to provide innovative multi-disciplinary solutions across service lines and expertise areas, with a customer base that spans the entire global network of Grant Thornton. We serve international member firms through dedicated offshore teams based in India and work in bilateral corridors to connect businesses with partners, identify the best business practices in India and other parts of the world, and learn from them during our collaboration.

We combine technical skills, process rigour, tools, methodologies, overall structure and strategies to seamlessly deliver services across time zones through our local talent pool.

International Business Centre

Grant Thornton's global member firms are dedicated to supporting clients throughout their international ventures, whether it involves taking initial steps, entering new markets, or comprehending tax obligations in multiple jurisdictions. Our team of experts is committed to providing the necessary guidance to help you achieve your business goals effectively.

Grant Thornton's global member firms have established International Business Centres (IBCs) worldwide to aid clients in their international expansion and exploration of business opportunities. If you intend to conduct business in India, understanding the investment environment and obtaining information about the corporate, accounting, business, and taxation framework are vital to ensure a successful journey. With its accredited IBC in India, Grant Thornton Bharat can provide the expertise and support to keep you on the right path.

International corridors

We work with industry and bilateral chambers to strengthen each corridor, and co-create thought leadership and exciting compilations. Our primary corridors include the US, UK, Germany, and Japan, where we are already making significant strides.

Primary corridors

India-US corridor

By drawing on years of experience working with both countries, Grant Thornton Bharat and Grant Thornton US help businesses in the US and India navigate the challenging economic environment across various sectors and requirements.

India-UK corridor

Grant Thornton Bharat and Grant Thornton UK have been working closely for nearly three decades to identify growth and expansion opportunities for companies in both countries. The 2030 roadmap of India-UK relations is focused on revitalised and dynamic connections between people, re-energised trade, investment and technological collaboration that improves lives and creates shared prosperity.

The South Asia Group at Grant Thornton UK helps organisations which are looking to grow their business by exporting, investing or doing business with South Asia, and also support South Asian companies looking to invest or raise funds in the UK.

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India-Germany corridor

Germany and India are well-positioned to benefit from closer economic and trade cooperation. Germany is a key business partner in the European Union. GT Germany and Grant Thornton Bharat work closely to help clients navigate cultural barriers, operate confidently in the legal and administrative systems, and develop sensitivity towards customary business practices.

The inter-cultural India desk at Grant Thornton Germany consists of competent and experienced experts, assisting German businesses in India and vice versa, Indian businesses in Germany, in each aspect of their business activity in the other country.

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India-Japan corridor

Growing interest from Japanese companies to enhance trade with India and from Indian companies to expand their global footprints is set to create huge opportunities for growth and expansion for dynamic businesses. Our resources and strategies help our clients gain invaluable insights into various aspects of doing business in India.

Our Secondary corridors

Besides our primary corridors, we also focus on creating and nourishing new business channels through our secondary corridors. Our team works diligently to evaluate and enhance the potential of business and collaborative projects in our secondary corridors. Some of our secondary corridors are Australia, BIMSTEC, ASEAN, and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Case studies

Opening doors with a regional multilateral development finance institution
We allocated our local experts to a member firm, for helping in opening doors for a strategic consulting engagement with a reputed client, which helped them win their maiden engagement in that segment. The success of this engagement demonstrated the collaborative approach that led to this win.
Business transformation for a lead public body for Scotland’s historic environment
We successfully collaborated on Oracle cloud implementation to lay the foundation for back-office transformation, with a reduction in the overall cost of the finance and HR functions. It supported the client in exiting an expensive and poor quality outsourced payroll provider.

Case studies

Building of Financial Reporting Advisory Services practice in South East Asia
We supported the launch of Financial Reporting Advisory Services in a member firm which became their key differentiator in the market. We collaborated for various activities such as research for thought leadership, to execution of IFRS 15 and IFRS 16 conversions, along with brand building, outreach and delivering high quality work.
Providing Peak Period Support To Supplement European Member Firm’s Assurance Practice
We have provided assistance to a member firm by offering increased capability at competitive prices, along with the added advantage of being able to adjust the number of experienced staff to meet varying demands during peak periods.

Case studies

Enabling winning of incremental projects for member firm’s public sector advisory
We aided our member firm in verifying and validating Covid-19 grants issued by the government to transport operators, including a review of the management accounts of the grant applicants. Our efforts enhanced the reputation of our member firm's public sector advisory practice and helped them win additional work from their government.
Streamlining business processes for a residential and commercial property development company
We provided support to a member firm by helping a real estate client migrate their data to the IFS ERP system from multiple legacy applications, resulting in cost efficiency, enhanced data governance, and automated MIS reporting.

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