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Grant Thornton Bharat hones its artificial intelligence and metaverse capabilities to build a firm of the future

Presenting ‘GTMetaOne’ – an immersive platform for employees and clients; also introducing innovative chatbot ‘Ask Mobius’, using Azure OpenAI GPT-4

Delhi, India - Going one step ahead and reiterating its commitment to being a firm of the future, Grant Thornton Bharat recently launched the ‘GTMetaOne’, a digital twin of the Grant Thornton Bharat-Aerocity office (GT One). GTMetaOne is an entirely immersive GT One experience, where users can interact with each other in real-time with their avatars. With this new offering, the professional services firm has adopted the uses and benefits of the metaverse in adding value for its internal and external stakeholders. Users can now access the GTMetaOne through a laptop or even a VR Headset such as the Meta Quest/Apple Vision Pro, etc.

Speaking on this creation, Vishesh C. Chandiok, CEO, Grant Thornton Bharat, said, “The firm is building the GTMetaOne to shape a vibrant India by reimagining and designing a new world to bring immersive experiences into the workplace and its culture. It aims to increase connectedness amongst employees, create tailored experiences, and enhance learning and development through varied technologies. Through the GTMetaOne, users can interact with each other in real-time and partake in different firm activities as well. This offering can and will also be customised for clients for employee onboarding, L&D, training and other business/operations purposes.”

Employees can create their own personalised avatars and get a first-hand experience of the GT workspace. This experience aims to improve retention, learning and development initiatives and provide enhanced data analytics. GTMetaOne complies with industry-standard security protocols such as VAPT, OWASP, and ISO27001. All data stored within the platform is encrypted using the AES-256 algorithm, and an additional layer of security is provided through SSO authentication.

To ease business processes for employees and to go beyond templatised versions of digital transformation, the firm has also created an internal AI-powered chatbot, called ‘Ask Mobius’. This chatbot is a revolutionary way to get information about business service-related policies and procedures from the desktop. Using advanced artificial intelligence technologies, it can help quickly search for key information about any topic related to firm knowledge and information. Going one step further, the firm has integrated the Azure Open AI GPT-4 with the Ask Mobius chatbot. This has enabled the usage of natural language processing capabilities of the Open AI GPT-4 model to produce relevant results from policy documents. This integration allows for improved efficiency when retrieving results for end-users, ensuring faster access to accurate results in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Commenting on this innovative tool, Suresh Kumar, Partner and CIO, Grant Thornton Bharat said “We have launched our chatbot, Ask Mobius, using Azure OpenAI GPT-4 to provide our people superlative experience with the systems of the firm. With its advanced capabilities, Ask Mobius chatbot enhances user experience, increases their productivity and accelerates issue resolution. We believe this enhancement will unlock new possibilities and deliver exceptional user experience to our people and clients in the digital era.”

With 24/7 hour accessibility and around-the-clock support, Ask Mobius ensures that employees receive an answer to their query even outside business hours. It is integrated with the firm's knowledge portal, ERP, and Helpdesk. Further, to ensure security measures, data transmitted between the chatbot and the server is encrypted using industry-standard protocols such as HTTPS (TLS/SSL) to prevent unauthorized access or interception.