Are you seeking global opportunities? Whether it is establishing operations, enhancing capacities, or making acquisitions, we are here to help. From identifying optimal locations to setting up branches or subsidiaries, and strategising expansions, our practical and timely advice empowers you to focus on your business objectives. Our advisors support every phase of your company's growth journey, encompassing startup, funding, global exchange listing, M&A, and market expansion using the Netherlands as a base. With us, you are never alone in facing challenges. Grant Thornton Bharat, a leading offshore consulting firm, leverages its seasoned team to assist clients in navigating global jurisdictions for maximum benefits. Our seamless collaboration with Grant Thornton International network's member firms and key business associates across major jurisdictions provides clients with profound insights and expertise. We ensure you stay informed about current market trends and regulatory shifts to be well-prepared for upcoming business prospects.

Local roots, global brand

Grant Thornton Bharat has been working closely with all the business corridors to address the needs of businesses, where we work with businesses to create, protect and transform value by helping them to:

  • Identify opportunities
  • Manage risks
  • Achieve success
  • Identify opportunities
    Identify opportunities
    Identify growth opportunities in anywhere globally, whether they be an Indian organisation or a global business looking to expand internationally
  • Manage risks
    Manage risks
    Manage potential risks to protect their organisation and assets, while ensuring the complexities of international regulatory requirements are always met
  • Achieve success
    Achieve success
    Helping brands in achieving lasting success and reaching their true potential

India - UK corridor

We work with businesses to create, protect and transform value

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