Storm the norm episode 08

Anisha Motwani,
Narayan Devanathan,
Rohit Kapoor,
Siddhartha Nigam
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Is it easier for startups than for established businesses to turn around? Just think about it..mature organisations have established not just a business, but a certain reputation, ways of working, people policies, they’ve figured out ways around the corridors of power as well as versus competition, the company is like a machine (whether well-oiled or not), bound by systems and processes. A startup turning around is like someone on a motorcycle doing a u-turn, while an established business is like a long train that has to go in a different direction all of a sudden. You can’t just switch tracks abruptly, especially if there are no tracks laid out in the new direction in the first place. You’ll just derail the whole thing. But the real pivotal (pun unintended) question that we challenged Rohit Kapoor, CEO-Oyo with is much more fundamental; ‘Why do startups need turnarounds in the first place? And is it easier, as our thinking so far seems to indicate, for startups to turn around than it is for established businesses to do the same? We also have perspectives from Siddhartha Nigam, National Managing Partner - Growth, Grant Thornton Bharat who has shared insights on how start-ups go about executing the turn-around

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