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Technology transformation for future-ready healthcare

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The increasing disease burden, spiralling costs and demand for quality healthcare services have placed tremendous pressure on healthcare resources. As healthcare providers strive to bring in operational efficiencies, enhance service delivery and improve health outcomes, technology is finding greater application across the value chain. With this background, Grant Thornton Bharat and Association of Healthcare Providers (India) joined hands to understand the healthcare providers’ and practitioners’ perspectives on leveraging technology in its report called ‘Technology transformation for future-ready healthcare.’

Key highlights from the report:

  • 84% respondents increase the budget on digital solutions and technology initiatives in the next 12 months
  • 66% are not confident that their technology infrastructure is sufficient to prevent cyber threats
  • Only 40% feel their technology infrastructure can ensure patient data privacy
  • 48% respondents have seen an operational efficiency gain of up to 20%
  • 58% have not leveraged technology to monitor compliances
  • Telemedicine revenue is less than 5% for 88% of the respondents
  • While 62% have implemented Electronic Medical Records, 54% respondents do not have EMR integrated with billing systems

Download the report here.