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Skilling ecosystem in India- Unlocking the potential of youth

India is one of the youngest nations in the world with over 62% of the population in the working age group and about 54% of the population below 25 years of age. This highlights the need to enhance the skills of the available workforce to improve their employability and contribution to the economic growth of the country.

In line with this vision, skilling in India has transformed from a disbursed and distributed model with multiple government bodies to a cohesive and unified model under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. Skilling in India is seeing some great reforms and policy interventions, which are reinvigorating and re-energising the country’s workforce and are preparing the youth for job and growth opportunities in domestic as well as international markets.

However, we need to keep revisiting our policies and focus on building a quality-focused and demand-driven learner-centric skill ecosystem. In addition, we need to improve the linkages between education, skilling and industries.

This publication summarises our firm’s contribution to the initiatives taken by the government.