Pharma and Healthcare Dealtracker: Q3 2023

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The pharma and healthcare sector in India saw a few large M&A transactions in Q3 2023, indicating continued interest in the sector, although the overall volumes declined by 26%. The total value of the deals announced in Q3 2023 was over USD 2.7 billion, which reflects positive sentiments from the investors.

The API and CDMO segments in life sciences and single specialty in the healthcare sectors continue to be the focus segments for deals. This has led to a surge in investments in these segments, with several notable deals announced in Q3 2023, aligning with our expectation that these segments will maintain momentum.

We expect deals to continue in the healthcare sector, although the volumes may be subdued. The key drivers for growth, such as increasing demand for healthcare services, growing adoption of new technology, digital health and sustained government support, are expected to remain in place.