Fit for Future journey - Performance Improvement Maturity Assessment

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We understand that as a leader, the key strategic imperative for you is to ensure that your organisation comes out stronger from the current challenging times. From our strategic advisory vantage point, we are witnessing companies putting together performance improvement (cost reduction or sales transformation) initiatives addressing the short-term challenges. While it is vital to address immediate challenges, successful companies are looking to ensure that these changes are sustainable as well as make them Fit for Future, characterised by improved top-line (revenues) and bottom-line (EBITDA) growth.

As an enabler of the Fit for Future journey, Grant Thornton Bharat has developed a quick dipstick that enables companies to assess their maturity w.r.t performance improvement (PI). Based on the level of planning, execution, monitoring and importance attached to PI-related activities, companies can be classified into one of five maturity levels. Post the submission of this survey response, we will be able to highlight specific actionables that will take your organisation onward on its Fit for Future journey.

Please take the five-minute survey to know which stage of the Fit for Future journey you are on.

Confidentiality note: Grant Thornton Bharat appreciates you taking part in the survey. Please note that all your responses will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

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