Development Positive

Development Positive: Volume IV

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The Indian economy has made monumental strides towards growth in every sector. India Inc. is set to scale to a USD 5 trillion economy by 2025 and is expanding the scope of a better life for its citizens in this pursuit.

Even with a global pandemic and uncertainty in the market, reforms for resolving grassroot level problems are taking shape. The New Education Policy (NEP) launched in 2020, improvements in the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) of the Indian Railways, development of an eco-friendly safari park in Haryana and other development projects indicate towards India’s promising future.

Grant Thornton Bharat’s aim is to be a part of India’s growth story and provide services that aid the government to achieve its vision.

Below is a snapshot of some of our success stories:

Modernisation of the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) of the Indian Railways

  • We proposed improvements in user experience with dynamic pricing, real-time passenger flow and process automation
  • Helped the Indian Railways enhance the booking process with the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Promoting tourism in Haryana through India’s largest safari park

  • Developed the strategy for the implementation of the project
  • Prepared a detailed Expression of Interest (EOI) for shortlisting suitable private players with prior international experience of designing, operating and maintaining similar facilities

Creating a launchpad for the Madhya Pradesh higher education system

  • Successfully implemented the project leading to phase II funding opportunity and improved enrolments
  • Enhanced the usage of IT infrastructure, tools and BI platform to reduce manual efforts and online data management Developed a recovery toll tariff along with a toll escalation formula for each category of vehicles

Smooth planning and execution of the 36th National Games

  • Assisted in the overall budget allocation, procurement strategy and bid process management
  • Planned the accommodation, catering and transportation of over 10,000 players from 36 sports disciplines Designed and implemented mechanisms for various central/state programmes and bid process management

The core of our work is fulfilling the dream of shaping a vibrant Bharat. We aim to concoct strategies that create an ecosystem for growth. A wide range of service offerings in sports, travel and tourism, education, infrastructure, technology, advisory and other sectors enable us to actualise our goal. This newsletter takes you closer to Grant Thornton Bharat’s recent engagements in multiple sectors and how the impact of our actions is yielding sustainable results.