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COVID-19: A guide for HR and leaders in the times of ambiguity

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease pandemic has led to massive changes in how organisations operate. The current scenario is unprecedented and it is only natural for organisations to be reactive to this changing paradigm.

Here’s how you can HALT and proactively modify your people strategy

Transition from ‘work-life balance’ to ‘work-life integration’  

  • Help team members successfully merge work responsibilities along with personal, day-to-day tasks.

Stand true to your values

  • Think again about what you would want the firm to be known for.

Establish short-term goals

  • Drive stability by shifting focus from annual to short-term or quarterly goals.

Identify mission-critical work

  • Set out key focus areas to help teams prioritise and allocate resources appropriately.

Decentralise authority to empower rapid response

  • Instate cross-functional, agile teams to cater to mission-critical work.

Move to outcome-based performance management

  • Adapt your goal-setting process to move from effort-based to outcome-based metrics.

Alter rewards to keep up motivation

  • Introduce non-cash rewards and benefits that have limited financial impact.

Upskill and reskill

  • Identify skill gaps in your workforce basis current needs and future opportunities.

Look inwards for success stories

  • Identify teams running successfully despite crisis.

As we navigate through this crisis, uncertainty reigns true for all. Leaders have the crucial responsibility to mitigate the negative impact it brings and emerge stronger than before.

The only way now to get ahead is to get started.

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