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Auto Bytes January 2020

The automotive industry has been prone to criticism for lack of corrective measures in meeting environment norms and inadequate action plan. Being one of the main sources of pollutant and energy consumption, the industry has had a huge impact on environment. From pre-assembly to post-use, the industry is facing the pressure to adopt sustainable practices faster.

As the industry is heading towards a green future, joining the bandwagon and implementing green manufacturing in the business is inevitable. Looking at the availability of resources, becoming 100% environment-friendly might not be feasible at the moment. But the industry is trying to cope with the challenges gradually. The OEMs, therefore, need to strike a balance between these objectives: Mitigating climate change, reducing air pollution, enhancing energy security and strengthening the competitiveness of the auto industries.

This edition of Auto Bytes focuses on what will shape the future of the sector.