Past Event: Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Early and comprehensive preparation is key when planning an IPO. While restructuring, governance and organising financial statements are one aspect of the listing process, there are several other compliances that need to be met.  Also, stringent regulatory frameworks call for focussed attention while planning or undertaking any transaction enroute the IPO journey.

At Grant Thornton Bharat, we realise the importance of keeping organisations and stakeholders updated on latest developments which may impact transactions. We are hosting a series of six interactive webinars, dedicated to various aspects of a business life cycle, covering the inception, growth and exit stage. Join us as we share practical insights on the various facets of M&A transactions, acquisitions under IBC, deal structuring and more.

After an engaging webinar on Corporate Restructuring, we are hosting the second webinar in the series on Pre-IPO planning and reorganisation on Wednesday, 16 March.

Key discussion points:


Segregation of surplus assets / immovable property


Consolidation of entities in similar business


Holding structure streamlining


Overseas listing, IFSC listing




Value creation and ESOP planning


Diligence of tax positions before IPO


Partner - Tax
Sridhar R
Partner - Tax

Grant Thornton Bharat

Director - Tax
Shubam Kumar
Director - Tax

Grant Thornton Bharat