We make digital change simple

  • Through dGTL (pronounced digital), our next-gen digital transformation services, we focus on implementing futuristic digital operating models to refresh value and create sustainable change.

    We make digital change simple by reimagining the art of possible for large global enterprise and startups across Consumer Markets, FMCG, Retail, E-Commerce and Financial Services.

    The cornerstone to create this future is to ask the right questions and purposively focus on driving business value.

At the heart of digital transformation services are technologies that are emerging, exciting and enabling change.

We help clients to drive decisions through data, automate processes and make the most of artificial intelligence and machine learning, reimagine core technology, enable a digital finance function that drives strategy, bring speed and transparency to risk management, deliver speed and integrated value chain through digital transformation services, streamline service delivery and operating models through digital GBS and build skills of the future.

We believe in creating change by exploiting innovative technologies, creating insightful data, crafting powerful processes and building incredible people to unleash business value.

We are able to do this as an ecosystem of in house capabilities, exclusive products and synergies with new age technology companies.

Why dGTL to reimagine your tomorrow?

We can be your trusted advisors who create sustainable value not just for today but also tomorrow. We can enable you to become future fit in an environment that is consistently changing. We believe in the following principles:

  • You need to be Bold not just Big
  • You need to Think Diverse not just think alike
  • You need to Create New Paths not just follow the herd
  • You need Expertise and not just experience
  • You need Purpose not just performance
  • You need to Navigate Ambiguity and Deliver and not just be the best today

Our professionals are hired, inducted, trained and live by these principles. Our differentiation is that we create sustainable value by assembling the best of minds to ensure your success. We bring agility to the established enterprise and expertise to scale new age startups.

What we do

Data analytics and visualisation

Set of sophisticated techniques to bring together business intelligence, predictive/ prescriptive analytics, while analysing underlying big data/content to make it more consumable at any enterprise maturity level.

Key Benefits: Analytics-driven decisions | Business intelligence | Insight generation | Data governance

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Digital finance

Holistic approach integrating digitalisation and digital transformation to achieve transparency, control, governance, and faster decision making through real-time data within the business.

Key Benefits: Lower capital cost | Improved efficiency and TAT | Accurate reporting | Enhanced controls

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Digital GBS

Do more with less by leap frogging into next-gen digital GBS structures while setting up from scratch or transitioning processes into GBS by reimagining service delivery models and leveraging technology.

Key Benefits: Improved synergies | Better control | Higher skills | Reduced costs

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Digital operations

Consulting services across operations to help create value for business, customers, vendors and investors using a blend of process improvement and technology interventions to mitigate risks and reduce errors.

Key Benefits: Higher revenue | Improved TAT | Standardised operation practices | Reduced costs

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Digital risk

End-to-end automation solutions for risk management, internal audit, data privacy and third-party risk management, with differentiated and industry-specific customised solutioning capability.

Key Benefits: Cost effectiveness | Faster data dissemination | Improved compliance | Efficient monitoring

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Intelligent automation

Continuum of technologies for automation. It includes software-based automation of business processes leveraging robotic process automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence and chatbots.

Key Benefits: Enhanced revenue | Reduced operations cost | Higher automation | Increased efficiency

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Skills of the Future

Convergence of emerging technologies will absorb most of the manual work that has traditionally consumed the workforce in organisations. Strategically engage and change workforce to successfully respond and adapt to these digital interventions.

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Blockchain solution

Deep consulting and implementation skills in blockchain technology. Delivered industry leading, globally awarded solutions in the area of supply chain traceability. Working on new age industry collaboration use cases leveraging blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) technologies.

Key Benefits: New revenue streams | Brand visibility | Working capital optimisation | Sustainability | Customer engagement

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Smart Recon for your reconciliation process

The finance month-end closure process is generally manual and spreadsheet driven. It often has challenges around quality, accuracy, and standardisation. The Smart Recon solution, powered by ML technology, assists you by combining automation and governance for your reconciliation process. It enables efficient period-end processing, cost reduction, better governance and control through interactive dashboards, and audit trail of the reconciliation process.


Govern, Manage and Monitor your business with ALICE™

ALICE™ digitalizes the control procedures which augments and optimizes services provided by assurance functions. She combines intelligent automation with cognitive services to create a digital workforce to assist with real-time and continuous visibility into businesses.

Case Studies

Enhanced access to information
A reputed CPG MNC strengthened its procure-to-pay process by using the optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which enabled it to process 1200+ invoices daily. The automated bank reconciliation statements helped the management to carry out daily tasks smoothly. This enhanced information access to employees related to provident and retirement funds’ data.
Increased productivity and accuracy
An Indian conglomerate was processing its accounts payable manually, which was a time-consuming process. With the help of intelligent OCR technology, the company was able to extract the voluminous invoice data, matched invoices and handle exceptions efficiently. This increased its productivity by about 40% and improved their accuracy and controls.

Case Studies

Improved efficiency and reduced costs
A construction giant, based in the UK, leveraged technology to migrate data from multiple legacy applications. It streamlined their business processes with trusted data, which improved efficiency and reduced operational costs. The company enabled data governance as a strategy using the data migration project.
Increased overall efficiency
The automation of the balance sheet process of a leading global agri-trading company increased its productivity. The company was able to save man-days with 75-80% in bandwidth reduction. The overall efficiency increased by ~60% across schedules, including trade creditors, debtors, provision for doubtful debts and inventory.

Case Studies

Reduced turnaround time
A big auto component manufacturer consolidated the data and created a single version of truth using technology. This led to a significant reduction in the overall turnaround time. The reports were available in two days, from the earlier 15 days, enabling efficient decision-making. Through a new data governance strategy, the company enhanced the accountability of data.
Reduced payback time
An Indian adhesive manufacturing company was able to transform its digital finance initiatives through automation. They were also able to set up the Digital Center of Excellence, which sustainably drove its digital agenda. The company’s efficiency improved by over 50%. Payback time was reduced to 1.5 years and automation potential was also identified for about 40% opportunities.

Case Studies

Optimised financial department
Through automation, a leading home décor start-up redesigned its finance operating model; reorganised their department and re-engineered their controls. They were able to optimise their finance department by implementing leading industry processes with enhanced controls and seamless information flow.
Challenges resolved using IT solutions
By setting up a three-year information technology strategy for an Indian conglomerate, we helped them evaluate their technology landscape. Their key challenges were resolved by developing IT solutions. Their business objectives were prioritised using portfolio management, which helped in achieving the expected results.

Case studies

Seamless availability of information
A large consumer goods company reassessed its consumer marketing spends by implementing relevant and optimal automation. This provided seamless availability of information to relevant stakeholders, enabling them to achieve visibility and control over marketing spends.
Enabled development of long-term strategies
We assisted a global beverage and food organisation on one application strategy and assistance on SSC operationalisation. With one application tech stack, they were able to develop the strategies and road map for the future course. We also operationalised the IT element of the SSC in Malaysia and Singapore.

Case Studies

Improved accuracy and efficiency
A global pharmaceutical company executed a large finance transformation with multiple initiatives. We assisted them in developing a detailed reusable data model for balance sheet reconciliation, improving their accuracy and efficiency. A data model was developed to capture the difference in volumes between FI and SPL, which improved planning accuracy. The transaction matching model automated the reconciliation business.
Enabled adoption of fresh hiring strategy
A reputed pharma organisation leveraged technology to assess the efficiency of their existing finance shared service center operations. A careful analysis of accounts payables revealed a bulge in salaries, which provided the company scope for refreshing the hiring strategy. Approximately 70% and 60% automation potential was identified in AP and payroll with potential annual savings of INR 50 lakh and 28 lakh, respectively.

Our experts

We are a team of qualified consulting and industry experienced professionals supported by an implementation team on emerging tech including our ecosystem partners. We have functional technologist and tech mixologists who can be your trusted partner to evaluate what emerging tech would suit the organisation best and see it through to fruition. Our team consists of mindful professionals who ensure that the emerging tech, such as RPA, ML, intelligent optical character recognition (OCR), AI, advanced analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud, serve the purpose of the business focused on user centricity and outcomes expected.

To connect with our experts, please write to us at dGTL.Connect@in.gt.com.

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