With new challenges arising from competition, geographical expansion, and growth, companies need to have robust processes in place that allow them to make informed decisions, measure their performance, and continually improve. However, despite the importance of these processes, there is often a gap between the goals set by leadership and the actual performance of the organisation.

To overcome this gap, it is important to use benchmarking inputs to make informed decision-making and measure progress. These inputs provide a way to track performance and compare it with industry standards and best practices, allowing companies to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions. This requires a focus on process excellence and organisational capability, as well as a commitment to continuous improvement.

The Lean Six Sigma methodology has emerged as a key contributor to corporate success stories across industries. The process has helped practitioners derive to be changed to It has helped. The methodology is primarily focused on achieving performance excellence, minimising defects, and streamlining business processes.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt programme is designed to help participants gain a comprehensive understanding and application of the DMAIC methodology. The programme offers practical demonstration of statistical tools and opportunity to implement the best Lean practices in a mini-group setup.

Programme overview and objectives

  • Fact-based decision making
  • Data-driven business conclusions
  • Analysis of market trends for practical use
  • Causal analysis
  • Performance improvement

Programme details

Overview on Lean Six Sigma

Phase Topics Covered
Define Voice of customer - VOC
Determine CTQ
Develop the project
Map the processes
Inference from define phase
Measure Types of data
Data distribution
Develop sampling strategy
Introduction to minitab
Develop data collection plan
Validate measurement system
Determine process capability
Inference from measure phase
Analyse Identify possible causes
Process analysis with Lean
Hypothesis testing
Correlation and regression analysis
Inference from analyse phase
Improve Generate solutions
Select solutions
Refine solutions
Test solutions
Justify solutions
Inference from improve phase
Control Overview on control phase
Implementation and acceptance strategy
Introduction to SPC
Response plan and documentation
Inference from control phase

Who is it for?

  • Key decision-makers
  • Aspirants for data analytics, research, process engineering, and re-engineering initiatives
  • Professionals working in process control, quality, and improvement
  • Aspirants for Lean improvement, waste reduction, production, and service efficiency
  • Aspirants who want to draw insights from data

Our credentials

Grant Thornton Bharat Lean Six Sigma programme comes with a global gold standard of delivery

  • Globally recognised certificate from Grant Thornton, valid across 140+ countries
  • Largest, unique, and experienced pool of over 25+ Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Black Belt certified experts
  • Experience-based real examples from various domains by the instructors
  • Storytellingng mode of training and scenario-based brainstorming sessions
  • Use of in-class adaptive learning methodology, interactive, debate sessions with instructors
  • Trained over 67000+ professionals on Lean Six Sigma concepts across India, US, UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Catering to 200+ premium educational institutions and 350+ corporates across the globe
  • Combined Lean Six Sigma consulting experience of over 120,000 Hrs. catering to Fortune 500 companies across industries and service lines

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