Tapping into an integrated and booming market

Urbanisation, a growing middle class, increased disposable income, technological advancements, and industry consolidation are changing traditional businesses' operations. E-commerce is rapidly advancing, enabling companies to reach more customers in second and third-tier cities.

India’s attractive demographics, expanding consumer market, viable manufacturing solutions, and favourable government policies drive investment interest in the sector. Abundant labour, modern infrastructure, and proximity to global markets have made it a prime location for producing consumer electronics goods.

At Grant Thornton Bharat, we aim to provide innovative solutions for e-commerce, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers that promote growth and create value across supply chains. The sector offers new opportunities for dynamic business models. Our comprehensive knowledge of the market and companies enables us to redefine business strategies, mitigate risks, and meet end-to-end requirements. 


Interim Budget 2024: Comprehensive Analysis

We decode the provisions of Interim Budget 2024 and their impact on business.


Viksit Bharat by 2047

Role of the food processing sector

We offer cutting-edge solutions to enhance customer focus through services such as digital transformation, data analytics and security, supply chain management, business growth, and innovative business models. Our team of industry specialists provides global perspectives, best practices, and advanced solutions to manage growth aspirations and external challenges.

Naveen Malpani Partner and Consumer Sector Leader, Grant Thornton Bharat

At Grant Thornton Bharat, we create solutions for complex businesses problems

We understand the consumer products business and its challenges. Our processes begin with identifying and defining the gaps in the business model and strategy. Automation, cross functionality, social listening, integrated reporting, data analytics etc. are certain core areas where we support our clients in business transformation and in meeting the requirements of an ever evolving industry.

We deal with business solutions and services for the larger industry, including:

  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Agri Business
  • Consumer durables

How Grant Thornton Bharat partners with you

As consumer demands evolve, businesses must find the right balance between success and growth. Consumer, retail and e-commerce companies must rethink on serving the smart consumer, build capabilities where data is at the heart of everything and be agile to respond to market change.

The team at Grant Thornton Bharat helps companies explore, identify and implement the strategic choices that will sustain their businesses today and transform it for tomorrow.

We work across businesses, e-commerce marketplaces, manufacturers, distributors and retailers, delivering solutions designed to promote growth and create value.


At Grant Thornton Bharat, we specialise in providing comprehensive governance, Risk, and Operations solutions for consumer businesses. Our expertise spans every aspect of the value chain, allowing us to help you optimise your processes and establish a robust risk and governance framework.

Corporate governance | Internal audit | IFC/SOX compliance | Forensics and investigation | ESG guidance | Standard operating procedures | Social media audit and analytics



We partner with dynamic organisations to create bespoke tax planning strategies tailored to their unique business structures. Our tax advisory services are designed to help clients understand and minimise tax challenges that businesses face.

Direct tax | Indirect tax | Availing government schemes 

Cyber and digital transformation

Our cyber advisory practice assists clients  to manage and enhance their cyber posture. We specialise in helping clients digitally transform through innovative technologies, insightful data, and effective processes to unleash business value.

Cyber security | Finance transformation | Reconciliation automation

Sales transformation

We diagnose organisational needs by understanding the clients’ sales function maturity and identifying and prioritising the least effort, high return areas of intervention.

We diagnose organisational needs by thoroughly assessing our clients' sales function maturity. By identifying and prioritising areas of intervention that offer the highest return on investment with the least effort, we help our clients optimise their sales performance.

Revenue enhancement | Channel transformation | Customer experience (CX) transformation

Business Consulting

We offer a comprehensive suite of fully integrated strategic advisory services to help dynamic businesses grow. Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge give clients the insights and guidance they need to achieve their goals.

Strategy planning and implementation | Market assessments and competition landscaping | Business planning | Annual operating plan | Working capital optimisation | Supply chain/operations transformation

Transaction advisory

Our team of experienced professionals across sectors is dedicated to helping you achieve your strategic objectives, whether that involves divestments, joint ventures, or other key initiatives. With a global presence and local expertise, we leverage our extensive network of offices to connect with business houses, conglomerates, buy-out funds, and other corporates to deliver maximum value for our clients.

Funding raising (equity and debt) | Mergers and acquisitions | JV assistance | Buy-side due diligence | Sell-side/vendor due diligence | Valuations

Demystifying the Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDPA), 2023

The DPDPA represents a paradigm shift that will redefine how businesses operate by introducing stringent data protection and privacy measures that align seamlessly with global standards.


Building consumer trust through robust data protection

DPDPA marks a significant paradigm shift, emphasising stringent data protection and privacy measures that will redefine how businesses will operate.

Case Study

Automation for cost saving and operational efficiency
Our client, a one-stop fresh meat delivery start-up operating on a farm-to-fork model, wanted to streamline their procure-to-pay process and standardise and automate their accounts receivable process. As their trusted advisors, we assisted them in achieving their goals, resulting in 5% to 10% direct and indirect savings due to reduced labour costs and improved controls on payments and collections. Our intervention also led to over 200 working hours saved monthly due to automated daily reporting, semi-automation of the payment gateway, reconciliation and B2B invoices using the client's technology platform
E-commerce for growth in a traditional industry
Our client, a corporate real estate interior fitting company in business since 1976, was looking to expand. They wanted to offer their customers a one-stop shop to buy interior construction materials online by launching an e-commerce venture. The client engaged us to prepare a five-year implementation roadmap, which would be managed and monitored through a project management office. We created a robust business plan and implementation strategy to help the client launch their e-commerce website successfully.

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