We develop and implement effective organisation design components aligned with the client’s strategic growth plans.


We design an organisational structure and workflow that optimises execution excellence.


We deliver a tailored employee experience and measure employee sentiment and engagement in real-time.

How we can help


An organisation’s design forms the bedrock of how it actually operates to achieve strategic growth plans and maintain competitiveness. Through HR advsiroy services, we take into account the fundamental building blocks - strategy, culture and system - to determine the optimal design for your organisation.

Implementation set-up

Once the target organisation design is locked down, we partner with organisations to analyse the linkages between various people processes and use innovative and disruptive technology to establish systems and mechanisms that will ensure successful implementation of organisational design components.

Implementation support

We ensure the ‘last-mile connect’ and continuous alignment with strategy through an onground Project Management Office, under our HR advisory services.

Think OE if you are wondering

  • Does our business offer a more distinctive client experience by realigning the organisation structure?
  • Can our operating expenses be reduced by optimising manpower levels and workflows?
  • Does our organisation design enable an effective and efficient post-merger integration?
  • How should decision-making and work allocation be divided between the corporate headquarters and local business units in a growing organisation?
  • Is the right work being done by the right people at the right levels?
  • Do our people
    1. understand our strategic growth plans sufficiently to make informed decisions?
    2. know what is expected from them in their respective roles?
    3. Find our performance management system fair, transparent and meritocratic?
    4. bought into our organisation’s long-term growth plans? Can we incentivise with employee stock options (ESOPs) at this point?
  • Can our people engagement and experience be enriched to improve business performance and offer a distinctive client experience? Are we measuring this effectively?

How we work: Increasing the chances of successful implementation and integration

  • We discover what’s important to you and make it important to us
  • Pragmatic solutions to help you improve and grow
  • Agile and responsive service
  • Collaborative teams with a different mindset

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