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MAT-paying firms get relief as govt tweaks norms

04 Oct 2014

The government has given relief to minimum alternate tax (MAT)-paying companies, which were calculating the depreciation of assets using their own judgment.

Venture capitalists put $1 billion into early-stage projects in 2014 on back of rising ecommerce deals

03 Oct 2014

Venture capital investment in India has already breached the billion dollar mark this year-—with a few months still to spare-—signalling the growing attraction of a booming startups sector.

Now, an anonymous platform for tip-offs on market manipulation

01 Oct 2014

To check wrongdoing in markets, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) has put in place an anonymous whistle-blower mechanism, similar to the Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Programme in the US.

Learning and Development at workplace: Changing Paradigms, Emerging Trends

18 Sep 2014

We have all read numerous articles and heard economists and industrialists suggesting India’s workforce base and population in the right age bracket to lead the country’s growth phase over the next few decades. One often wonders if only the large young population is enough to achieve a growth trajectory which would lead India to a super power status?

Product development and innovation top concerns for F&B industry: Report

27 Aug 2014

While India has favourable supply side dynamics, thanks to its strong agriculture base, product development and innovation in the sector has taken a back seat due to lack of investments and incentives, finds a CII report on Indian Food & Beverage sector — The new wave prepared in association with Grant Thornton.

PE investment activity in July jumps to $1.85 bn: Thornton

17 Aug 2014

Private equity investment activity in India witnessed a significant jump in July as there were 54 such transactions worth $1.85 billion, led by the $1 billion investment in Flipkart.

Column: Fix internal financial control issues fast

15 Aug 2014

India’s Companies Act, 2013, sets new standards of corporate governance for the entire world. Out of 470 sections and 29 chapters, 282 sections are already in force and final Rules on 19 chapters have been made effective from April 1, 2014.

Smart cities, a necessity

13 Aug 2014

Development of smart cities is no more a choice, but a necessity for India. Rapid migration to cities is putting huge pressure on the existing resources and infrastructure. It is necessary, therefore, to deploy innovative solutions to make Indian cities more livable and sustainable for the communities of tomorrow. Developing smart cities can help solve a host of problems being faced by the growing urban population.

No Roadmap Announced But Opportunity Not Lost Yet!

04 Aug 2014

India to reap timely and apt benefits out of an eased tax structure of the likes of GST

‘Growing communities: How charity leaders govern social media globally to thrive online’

18 Jul 2014

Social media changes the game for charities: Pioneers will reap the benefits