Our tax experts offer a comprehensive blend of tax advisory, tax litigation, regulatory and compliance services, helping you navigate through complex secondment arrangements.

In this era of rapid globalisation, global mobility is increasingly becoming a way of life which is evident in increased deputations and secondments. Requirement to have the right employee with the appropriate skill set at the right location to fulfil organisational requirements demands speed of deployment. This has resulted in a substantial increase in the size and complexity of the global workforce. As a result, organisations are looking for best ways to manage employee compensation and address immigration, social security, tax and other mobility-related issues.

With the objective of helping our clients manage a mobile workforce; we, along with our other member firms across the globe, provide a holistic service offering covering:

  • International employee assignment management for both inbound and outbound population
  • Provide immigration/visa compliance and related advisory services
  • Draft cost-effective, tax-compliant and easy to administer compensation structure
  • Social security compliance and advisory services
  • Employee incentives (including equity incentive/share plan)
  • Payroll tax and social security diagnostics review for companies.

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Global Mobility Services

In the era of rapid globalisation, mobility is increasingly becoming a way of life. This is evident from the increasing number of deputations and secondments.