The changes in the tax and regulatory environment constantly challenge large and growing businesses, particularly those operating internationally.

How your business meets this challenge can have a significant impact on your bottom-line. The more your business grows, the more complex tax requirements can become.

Drawing on our knowledge and understanding of tax regimes in India and around the world, we offer timely information and independent advice.

Through legitimate planning, we consider issues that arise within specific types of tax, as well as the tax implications of a new project, or a change to the business.

We work with dynamic companies and provide tax advisory to develop bespoke tax-planning strategies suitable for their specific business structure, and our solution-oriented approach is designed to help clients  understand and minimise the tax challenges that  businesses face.

Our comprehensive suite of tax and regulatory service in India includes the following:

  1. Direct Tax services
  2. Indirect Tax services
  3. Transfer Pricing
  4. US Tax
  5. Financial Services
  6. Transaction Tax
  7. Global Mobility Services

Our Tax, Regulatory & Finance Consulting

Direct Tax services

Our tax specialists offer a comprehensive blend of tax advisory, tax litigation, regulatory and compliance services, helping you navigate through complex business matters.

Indirect Tax Services

Get tax advisory service by leading tax firm Grant Thornton India. Our indirect tax services include advisory, compliance and litigation services for corporate, international and transaction tax

Transfer pricing services

Our transfer pricing services experts provide a range of services from provision of APA services to handling large global assignments including Country by Country reporting.

US Tax

At Grant Thornton, we help individuals and dynamic companies deal with US tax laws, which are one of the most complicated tax legislations across the world.

Financial Services - Tax

Best financial advisory services, tailored for small and large businesses by the experts having comprehensive knowledge of domestic laws and access to multifaceted tools to provide a valuable results.

Financial Reporting consulting services

Our experts have significant hands-on experience in providing IFRS/US GAAP services, end-to-end solutions and support services to fulfil financial reporting requirements.

Fund accounting and financial reporting

International operations often lack standardisation and have varied local reporting formats and requirements. Our experts can offer proactive insights, practical guidance, and positive progress and help meet regulatory timeframes.

Compliance and Secretarial Services

Our experts can assist in overhauling the entire compliance machinery of the organisation through evaluation of the applicable statutory obligations, monitoring of adequate governance controls, reporting and providing ongoing support.

Global People Solutions

As businesses transcend borders, both domestic and global considerations need equal attention. Our interim CFO and financial controller support services help organisations meet the business vision.

Finance and accounting outsourcing

Our accounting experts assist organisations in managing their accounting and reporting. Our dedicated Integrated Knowledge and Capability Centre (IKCC), allows us to service both the domestic and global markets efficiently and cost-effectively

Compliance Management System

We have automation solutions for you that will allow meeting government requirements and remain diligent, which when failed, can lead to penalties and loss in revenue.

Global compliance and reporting solutions

At Grant Thornton Bharat, we meet the challenges of our clients and help them unlock their potential for growth. Our professionals offer solutions tailored to meet our clients’ global accounting and statutory reporting requirements. With first-hand experience of local reporting requirements in more than 145+ locations worldwide, we provide seamless and consistent international service delivery through a single point of contact.

Related Party Transactions Governance

Grant Thornton Bharat's comprehensive related-party transaction services ensure good governance by adhering to regulatory requirements, promoting transparency, and providing robust policies for compliance, documentation, and accountability in related-party transactions.

Private Client Services

Grant Thornton Bharat Private Client Services offers tailored advisory for family-owned businesses, focusing on governance, compliance, tax, succession planning, and family office structuring to sustain wealth and preserve legacies across generations.

Labour codes

Labour codes solutions help you transition through the new legislation. At Grant Thornton, we help businesses divide their approach to make sure a smooth transition.


At Grant Thornton India, with the help of our tax alerts, we help to provide updates on how to minimise your tax exposure and risks.

Union Budget 2024

Decoding the provisions of the Union Budget 2024 and their impact on your business


Navigate Cross Border Tax & Regulatory Complexities