At dGTL, we are passionate about the potential of Digital Transformation solution to revolutionise businesses. Our mission is to help organisations embrace the digital age and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Our Process Involves:

  • Crafting a comprehensive Digital Vision
  • Developing a robust Digital Strategy, and
  • Creating a purposeful Digital Portfolio for organisations

Our approach is to create end-to-end business journeys, strategically aligning digital interventions to form a cohesive Digital Portfolio that spans across various technologies. 

At dGTL, we understand that supporting your organisation in achieving its business objectives is where true value is created and to make this journey sustainable, we help you establish a Center of Excellence - an independent and efficient operating model for driving ongoing digital initiatives.

With a vertically integrated practice, we are your dedicated partners, from strategising to implementation. Partner with us to unlock your organisation's full potential and experience the power of Grant Thornton dGTl in driving your organisation's digital success.

Our Services

Enterprise Digital Transformation

To achieve enterprise-wide digital transformation and offer comprehensive digital transformation services, we help our clients develop a clear

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Vision
  • Digital Portfolio

Followed by

  • An assessment of the client's business model and value chain
  • Embed a center of excellence in the client's enterprise, and finally,
  • Curate a roadmap business case model
Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation facilitates the automation of tasks traditionally carried out by humans through business applications and systems. It is a culmination of

  • Robot Process Automation
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

which allows us to offer digital transformation solutions, including:

  • IA maturity and opportunity assessment
  • IA vision and strategy
  • IA roadmap and business case
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Technology selection
  • Benefits profiling and quantification
  • Business case modeling
  • Roadmap and implementation plan

enabling our clients to realise significant savings while improving their operational efficiency.

Web 3 Services

Our expertise encompasses end-to-end consulting and implementation services within the domain of Web 3 technologies, including digital transformation solutions.

  • Web 3 strategies and guidelines
  • NFTegrity - NFT utility for enterprises
  • NFT program design
  • Supply chain transformation
  • NFT pricing model
  • Training and technical review
  • and Other Cutting-Edge Technologies to Streamline Your Business Operations and Drive Growth.

Our solutions are designed to help our clients:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase efficiency and
  • Enhance transparency and security
Our Solution

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