While there is constant disruption across industries and changing workforce dynamics, we navigate the competitive market, and leverage comprehensive, digital design capabilities that simplify transformation to unleash your maximum business value.

Our capabilities

Business leaders have started recognising the strategic value created by leveraging digital design services and research led solutions. We enable business leaders to reimagine tomorrow and simplify transformation. We: 

UI/UX design
  • Develop robust UI/UX visual design and formulation of digital design strategy across web, mobile and tablets (across iOS and Android)
  • Facilitate interactive prototyping and wireframing for an intuitive and seamless experience
  • Execute usability testing for functional user-centric design
Product Management and scalable solutions
  •  Execute end-to-end project management, execution and product deployment
  • Provide comprehensive development support to businesses with expertise across various technologies
  • Assist in delivery of scalable solutions and provide growth consulting to catapult your business to success.
  • Conduct in-depth research and benchmark analysis to enhance business performance and areas of improvement
  • Craft expert solutions to tackle business needs through offerings like insightful feature discovery, product roadmap & persona mapping
Branding and Marketing
  • Curate a branding and marketing strategy for maximum visibility and impact
  • Provide exhaustive SEO services, competitor analysis and deploy other to aid growth
Metaverse capabilities
  • Curate an immersive module in metaverse through 3D mapping, avatar creation, gamification and more.
  • Execute onboarding and hands-on training modules that reflect the real-world scenario.
  • Facilitate e-commerce by modelling virtual exhibitions for companies to showcase their products.
Our work

Digital portal creation connecting consumers with farmers & artisans

We created centralised D2C portal that connects consumers with local farmers and artisans to directly purchase handmade products and décor. We enabled FPO digitisation which streamlines agri-input shop operations, consolidates transactions, and offers a user-friendly interface.

Our work

Curation of an immersive onboarding experience for new employees

End-to-end curation and deployment of metaverse onboarding programmes to provide seamless training to new joiners all over the country. Also carried out 3D mapping of physical spaces to develop hands-on training modules that reflect real world scenarios in the virtual realm.

Our work

Inclusive product & logistic management for home brand

Created an omnichannel which includes both B2B and B2C platforms for home improvements. Design and experience helped in streamlining the logistics management, ERP set up, product manage the web and mobile applications, data reconciliation and gap analysis.

For more information, write to our dGTL experts for assistance at dgtl.connect@in.gt.com.