Every organisation has a designed function to meet the human resource management trends, strategic objectives and maximise the performance of employees.

HR function is an integral, and usually independent function of any organisation. A robust HR function provides far-reaching benefits to an organisation and helps in improving employee satisfaction. A strong and process-oriented payroll programme helps boost confidence among the employees.

It is essential that HR function is operating appropriately and in accordance with the set standard/customised processes and technology to be able to deal with the different business life challenges:

  • Increase in complexity of business models, including mergers, demergers and acquisitions
  • Increase in compliances and frequent changes in the laws thereon
  • Change in technology from desktop versions to cloud and investment therein
  • With the change of outlook of organisations by becoming employee centric, the urgent need to cater their requirements and achieving employee satisfaction.

The challenges have resulted in a shift of outlook of organisations from performing non-core operational activity inhouse to shifting the responsibility to service providers. The shift has also resulted in change of focus of service providers to achieve higher process efficiency and continued investments in IT infrastructure.

With increase in service providers, the HR function outsourcing model has now achieved standard processes from HR administration, including hiring, exit processes, travel and expenses management, payroll setup, technical support, payroll processing, and management.

Grant Thornton and HR outsourcing services

Our HR function outsourcing services can be tailored to support the requirements of management, HR and finance function of an organisation. We follow standardised and documented payroll process to make the outsourcing approach simple to understand and executable.

The services are designed to fulfil the requirement of the client by extending our comprehensive suite of services, which includes:

  • HR advisory
  • State-of-the-art HRMS tool to support from onboarding to exit management and related modules like leave, attendance, payroll, that falls in an employee life cycle
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Payroll processing
  • Reports to suite the requirements of management
  • Insight payroll and compliance reports on the basis of cost centre, departments, business line, variance reports to name a few
  • Compensation structuring
  • Designing policies
  • Payroll and labour compliances.
  • Global mobility services

Why Grant Thornton?

  • Benefit of association with global brand and global experience
  • Ability to leverage the expertise from different domains within the organisation like direct/indirect tax, and accounting
  • Low client attrition rate
  • Efficient processing with multi-stage inbuilt review mechanism and adherence to timelines
  • Data security and confidentiality – ISO 27001, SOC 1 Type I compliant
  • Cost optimisation with continuous upgradation of technology
  • Customer support helpdesk
  • Payroll and labour compliances

Our value prepositions

  • 15+ years of experience with a dedicated team of experts with high retention rates
  • Experience in catering multiple industries, technology, media, telecom, consumer retail, commerce
  • Processing 120K+ transactions per annum in domestic market
  • Secure and scalable tool to suit client requirements
  • Documented system enhancements and value additions
  • Inbuilt input and output sharing mechanism to ensure data security and confidentiality
  • Inbuilt review mechanism for error-free processing environment
  • Expertise in handling expat services (expats from any country)
  • Inhouse technology team for instant support
  • Timely notification for changes in tax and labour laws