Retuning businesses to make them future ready

Our digital transformation wing, dGTL, focuses on implementing futuristic digital operating models for corporate enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Digital transformation and innovation are the key accelerators of growth. To be a firm of the future, enterprises must focus on transforming their digital journey and underpinning strategy and programmes to ensure they are future ready. dGTL focuses on implementing futuristic digital operating models for corporate enterprises and entrepreneurs. Our key differentiator is that we make digital change simple by reimagining the art of the possible in any function/organisation. We deliver value through our commercial models including pay-as-you-go for some of our solutions that are cloud hosted with an ability to scale basis business needs.


What we do

  • Digital finance
    Digital finance
    Holistic approach integrating digitalisation and digital transformation to achieve transparency, control, governance, and faster decision making through real-time data within the business.
    Key Benefits: Lower capital cost | Improved efficiency and TAT | Accurate reporting | Enhanced controls
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  • Intelligent automation
    Intelligent automation
    Continuum of technologies for automation. It includes software-based automation of business processes leveraging robotic process automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence and chatbots.
    Key Benefits: Enhanced revenue | Reduced operations cost | Higher automation | Increased efficiency
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  • Data analytics and visualisation
    Data analytics and visualisation
    Set of sophisticated techniques to bring together business intelligence, predictive/ prescriptive analytics, while analysing underlying big data/content to make it more consumable at any enterprise maturity level.
    Key Benefits: Analytics-driven decisions | Business intelligence | Insight generation | Data governance
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  • Digital GBS
    Digital GBS
    Do more with less by leap frogging into next-gen digital GBS structures while setting up from scratch or transitioning processes into GBS by reimagining service delivery models and leveraging technology.
    Key Benefits: Improved synergies | Better control | Higher skills | Reduced costs
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  • Digital risk
    Digital Risk
    End-to-end automation solutions for risk management, internal audit, data privacy and third-party risk management, with differentiated and industry-specific customised solutioning capability.
    Key Benefits: Cost effectiveness | Faster data dissemination | Improved compliance | Efficient monitoring
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  • Digital operations
    Data Operation
    Consulting services across operations to help create value for business, customers, vendors and investors using a blend of process improvement and technology interventions to mitigate risks and reduce errors.
    Key Benefits: Higher revenue | Improved TAT | Standardised operation practices | Reduced costs
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  • Skills of future
    Digital Skill
    Convergence of emerging technologies will absorb most of the manual work that has traditionally consumed the workforce in organisations. Strategically engage and change workforce to successfully respond and adapt to these digital interventions.

Our asset-based solutions

An abbreviation for Reimagining Employee Safety and Effectiveness for Today and Tomorrow, RESET is a web-based portal that captures key information around workplace, function and sub-function criticality and employee criticality and vulnerability to determine who are the well-suited employees to return to office. The portal allows organisations to run simulations based on situation (macro-changes and internal operation changes) to arrive at the list of employees, by function and sub-function, who are well suited to come back to the workplace.


It is a web-based automation ROI measurement tool, which provides a specific recommendation to improve the ROI across automation projects. It assesses multiple dimensions, such as strategy and vision, operational and project execution rigour, capability and skills, and stakeholder involvement, and establishes correlation with financial drivers. It is delivered through smart questionnaires to four broad roles (automation sponsors, IT, business, and digital COE) to arrive at specific and bespoke ROI Improvement recommendations.


It is a low-code machine learning platform that enables organisations to develop and deploy ML models and provides game-changing insights based on the five senses of data: numerical, textual, image, video and audio.


The finance month-end closure process is generally manual and spreadsheet driven. It often has challenges around quality, accuracy, and standardisation. The RECON solution, powered by ML technology, assists clients by combining automation and governance for their reconciliation process and enabling them in:

  1. Efficient period-end processing
  2. Cost reduction
  3. Better governance and control through interactive dashboards
  4. Audit trail of the reconciliation process

Our experts

We are a team of qualified consulting and industry experienced professionals supported by an implementation team on emerging tech including our ecosystem partners. We have functional technologist and tech mixologists who can be your trusted partner to evaluate what emerging tech would suit the organisation best and see it through to fruition. Our team consists of mindful professionals who ensure that the emerging tech, such as RPA, ML, intelligent optical character recognition (OCR), AI, advanced analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud, serve the purpose of the business focused on user centricity and outcomes expected.