Certification in Blockchain

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Blockchain based technologies (distributed ledgers) have experienced a phenomenal growth in 2015. They went from being ignored by big companies and only researched by startups, to attract all the attention from the innovation world Interest in blockchain has transcended the financial services sector to utility, transportation, business and governmental industries. Gone are the days of businesses just deliberating on the potentials of this technology. Organizations today are designing and implementing live blockchain applications in banking, equity trading, real estate, facility management, healthcare, supply change management, energy supply and land registry to name a few.

Blockchain technology is helping organizations reduce administrative overhead cost, speed up the transactional time and streamline processes. India has not remained untouched by this wave of disruption. Companies in the country are widely adopting the blockchain technology across several industries, including banking and financial services, transportation, supply chain, as well as government verticals.

NITI Aayog is also working on a policy paper which will focus on deploying blockchain technology across the country.

Grant Thornton has designed a 3 day program to build in-depth knowledge of blockchain. It involves discussion on the various concepts of blockchain such as smart contract, transaction and blocks, smart ledger, blockchain architecture, cryptocurrency concepts and private blockchain among others.

Successful completion of the programme will enable the participants to upskill themselves and design and build blockchain-based applications for enterprises and businesses.