Certification in analytics using R and visualisation using Power BI

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Analytics is becoming a central focus of leadership agendas because of its potential to improve profitability, mitigate risk and ensure a sustainable organisation. Advances in technology are raising expectations for leadership, creating new needs and transforming the way we do business.

Yet many fail to realise its true potential. For some, the challenge is the sheer volume of data or identifying actionable insights, and for others, it is due to the cost and time implications.

Our experience working with dynamic high-growth businesses and building unique, market-leading analytics platforms gives us unrivalled insights into how data can be used to transform organisations.

Data analytics is the process whereby multiple data sets (both internal and external) are identified, consolidated and quality checked, and put into a format where analysis can be done to identify useful information that better supports corporate decision-making.

Data visualisation is the process to help the end-user better understand the significance of the data pool by allowing the review of the data in a visual context. Data visualisation will allow end-users to identify key patterns, trends and correlations within the data that might go undetected in a text-based columnar report format.

Grant Thornton in India’s training programme on “Analytics using R and visualisation using Power BI” will help you to understand how to transform data into business and operational insights, maximise the value of data for your organisation, rapidly analyse thousands of curated data sets and develop reporting dashboards that enable easier access to data.