SuperCoach – Your dreams make our team

Grant Thornton’s brand promise is all about unlocking the potential for growth in our people, clients and communities. This brand promise can only be fulfilled by investing consistently in the development of our people.

We took this conundrum to our people and found the answer in their talent to steer a lasting change. 

Our SuperCoach programme is intended to:

  • Build and maintain a close connection with our people
  • Align organisational and individual goals
  • Create opportunity for aligning individuals’ personal ambitions with the Firm's strategic goals and vice-versa

SuperCoach in spotlight

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Chandan Sangal Chandan Sangal

We cannot reiterate enough on the importance of maintaining the right working environment within a team and balancing it with appreciation, which is the essence of having SuperCoaches in our Firm. One of our SuperCoaches, Chandan Sangal, enabled his team to be one of the leading teams. He did this by doing few simple things:

  • Being available for his team 24x7
  • Having authentic conversations and giving constructive feedback
  • Conducting regular team meetings and giving each team member a chance to speak